Adrienne S. Santana

Adrienne S. SantanaAs a very young girl, Adrienne was always captivated by books. Words were magical instruments in which her heart and spirit intertwined and became transported to a place where time did not exist. At six years old she wrote her first short story on blank white paper, carefully folding it in halves and binding it together with pink ribbons. Although unpublished, to her it not only looked like a real book, it was one.  When she was asked to read it to her first grade classmates, her ‘heart began to beat with the rhythm of her passion’. It was then she first realized her dream.

Years later while a single mother, she attended Franklin Pierce College and it was there she began to nurture her love for the written word. During this time she also began working toward what would become a successful career as a paralegal.  She started out answering phones and says “I took advantage of every opportunity to learn and just never kept reaching for something more.”  It was during one of those moments of reaching higher she realized her passion was not being fed and decided to make the move from Paralegal to Advocate.

As Director of a “youth at risk” program through the Salvation Army, she began mentoring children ages twelve to eight-teen.  Not long after, she found herself working hand in hand and mentoring volunteers and her second passion in life was released, “The desire to inspire”.  Since then her hearts first goal has been set on teaching and mentoring young tweens, teens and adults.  Adrienne is the founder of “Legacy of The Lotus Fund”. A tool she utilizes to raise proceeds for grassroots charity organizations who are involved in giving children of all ages much needed support in the community. Her ultimate goal is to become a major contributor with the ability to offer scholarships to high school graduates arising from difficult circumstances who wish to pursue their own passions in the field of creative arts.

She is known for showing great compassion as well as a keen insight into the effects of trauma and the uniqueness of each survivor.  Her belief is “Every person has a God given and divinely inspired legacy unique to who they are and the life they have lived.”  Upon writing her own legacy she became empowered and hopes to inspire and empower others as they begin drawing their legacies to the surface.  Her dream is to help others realize their own stories and to see the legacy lying within as they write about their own journeys.

Adrienne is happily married to a man whom she adores and shares three wonderful children with.  Two very driven and courageous young men, one beautiful daughter and two grandchildren whom she says nurtures the youth inside herself.  Adrienne first gives all credit and honor to God for the life he has gifted her with and also gives credit to her husband and family for the support they have shown and the sacrifices they have made as she decided to continue following her lifelong dreams.

“Children are why I do what I do every day! I’m convinced; no being is closer to God than a child. If ever there is a moment when you feel “at odds” with your life and you need inspiration, find a child.  In all your searching, remember the child inside of you! It is this innocence that brings us closer to God.”

In her spare time she enjoys browsing through antique shops with her husband, immersing herself in the study of her faith, spending time with her children and grandchildren, “They are what keep my soul young”.  She enjoys absorbing the beauty of nature as she and her husband search for wild flowers and visits the many natural wonders such as the Little River Canyon in Fort Payne Alabama.

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