Angel Saysay, MSW

Angel SaysayAngel Saysay is a Village Builder and an agent for change. Her mission is to build positive relationships for a better community, which she lovingly refers to as “The Village”.

Angel Saysay is a single mother of two and grandmother of one. She obtained her BSW from La Salle University and her MSW from the University of Pennsylvania. For the past 15 years Angel’s professional and personal focus has been caring for children and their families as well as community organizing.

Angel Saysay began her career out of the desire to want to do more within her community, specifically with children and families. Before getting into social work, Angel started her own family entertainment company. The various families she encountered intrigued her. Their life styles; their values; and their culture all created a unique journey, which was expressed in their awesome stories. Although in some aspects the business was rewarding, Angel often felt empty, as if there were more that she could or should be doing to contribute to those around her, who did not have the amazing stories to tell.

It was Angel’s mother who convinced her to work with children. Her mother was also an educator. This was when Angel Saysay decided to get her degree in social work. She wanted to touch more than the individual. She wanted to reach families and their communities.

Angel Saysay has worked in residential facilities, with various Philadelphia community organizations, and within multiple schools of the Philadelphia School District, serving children and their families of grades K thru 12. Angel has worked with doctors, lawyers, police, judges and politicians in many aspects to create and improve the various systems, which impact families in the Philadelphia community.

Currently, Angel provides therapeutic mental health counseling to children and their families. She coaches individuals to transform their lives from mediocrity to a life full of hope and promise. Many families who have worked with Angel Saysay have experienced great transformations in their relationships and their financial status. Angel Saysay serves on the Germantown Life Enrichment Center Board of Managers. She is the president of her neighborhood association. Angel Saysay conducts workshops from parenting and education to financial transformation. Angel also works with other entrepreneurs within a mastermind group she founded.

Globally, Angel Saysay empowers others through her blog and podcasts. She is a member of Toastmasters International as she impacts the lives of many thru her public speaking engagements. Angel Saysay is currently working on a personal development book to encourage development of positive habits for profitable living.

You can find Angel Saysay at:

twitter: @SaysayAngel

instagram: angelrevised

Skype: virtuous_angel