Kate McKay

Kate McKayKate McKay, who is also known as the Master Motivatortm, is a multi-million dollar business owner, transformational speaker, coach, business consultant, fitness guru, entrepreneur and mother, who’s passion is to ignite people to live their purpose. Kate has started the Living Sexy Movement tm to inspire others to embrace prosperity, abundance and celebrate their unique “hotness.”

Kate understands the challenges that life can bring. Growing up in a large family, with a “money doesn’t grow on trees” mentality, the tragic murder of her brother and a devastating divorce, Kate gets what it takes to rebuild after loss and to manifest a magnificent life, despite tragedy and loss. Kate is a shining example of perseverance, resilience and living the good life, with a smile.

This is why Kate is committed and passionate about helping people take their sexy back whether that “sexy” is about doing work that fires them up, having the body of their dreams, even having the relationship they desire. To Kate, sexy is about living a life of vitality, passion and confidence. It’s about letting go of negative self-talk and feelings of unworthiness, which no longer serves you, so you can live a life all-out.

Aside from her book Living Sexy Fit, which will be released in June 2014, Kate also has 3 e-books, as well as an online program 28-Day Living Fabulously Fit, From the Inside Out with Kate McKay! Kate also has recently completed her extensive coaching program, which helps her clients monetize what they love.

Kate is also working on her second book, Living Sexy Rich, focused on helping people embrace their inner-abundance and to live a life of prosperity by freeing yourself of old money stories that no longer serve you. Kate believes abundance and happiness is a choice. She will provide you actionable tools to show you the way to live “sexy rich” too!

Kate has a passion for fitness and inspires others to live their best life. In 2013, she competed in 3 National Fitness Bikini Competitions and placed in the top three of each show at age 50.

Prior to establishing Kate McKay, LLC, Kate founded and built a multi-million dollar business called Gold Siena/Gold Party New England, a precious metal dealer, which partners with people to build their own businesses, and to celebrate prosperity, financial freedom and abundant living in both business and  in all areas of your life.

Kate motivates people who are passionate to want more in their life by showing them how to embrace their own sense of prosperity so they can live in their personal power. Her company focuses on the four B’s of Prosperous Living: Beliefs, Body, Business and Bucks, which allows people to finally live their biggest, boldest and wildest dreams.

Kate McKay, LLC offers a suite of e-learning products including e-books, audios and other online courses in addition to live events, workshops and coaching programs. Kate speaks at leadership conferences, networking meetings and women’s conferences and various media sources including radio and TV world-wide.

As Kate proclaims, “You are worthy of having it all. All you have to do is claim it!”

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