Kiri-Maree Moore

Kiri-Maree MooreKiri-Maree is a Global Thinker and Doer. As founder and CEO of Decision Velocity she transforms the lives of the Leaders of Leaders helping them to make the right decisions fast. This allows her to motivate, inspire and bring change to both the individual and have the domino effect within their community.

Known as a Professional BUT Kicker she created the Decision Velocity System. This trains with decisive clarity, coaches with certainty of action and mentors leaders to gain results that bring whole new levels of influence.

Humble Beginnings…

Born to a 16 year old and placed into the department of community services she became a kid of the system.   In and out of homes she experienced much rejection from broken families.   Through many different incidents she suffered at the hands of abuse. Even when she thought she had gone through it all she faced anorexia, defeated suicide and was pushed beyond her last breathe in a violent situation where she literally escaped her life. There were times when she was sure her life was turning the corner then a relationship that proceeded in a shot gun marriage then divorce. After mastering single parenthood she remarried and began another journey into the unknown. In the years to come she was to learn the challenges, blessings and become the advocate she would need to be when having kids with special needs. Life began to be fill of great times.   During this time she became a fitness freak where life revolved around the fitness and wellness industry. When her daughter was only 3 months she severely tore a ligament, loss the use of the left hand side from her hip to toe and became wheel chair bound.

She learnt life can have many bumps, turns and throw a curve ball or two.

She knew she wanted to help make a difference…

From the successful to street kids, prostitutes and those many would class as the underprivileged and unloveable she would speak, lead and run programs. She realized when left people they would merely survive but not thrive. This was when she no longer wanted to provide the band aid and instead provide the tools and resources so they could get results.

She knew change would have to begin with her…

She wanted these patterns to stop. Her life was not heading in the direction she wanted, desired or deserved. She needed to change her old story. Learn to rewire the brain. Then live in her new story. This would change her behaviors, her results and the results of lives she gets to touch on a daily basis.

She is the real deal…

She provides authenticity in its rawest form.

As an advocate for peak performance she gives no room for excuses, limitations or buts!

She continues to have huge impact no matter what role she is in. As her commitment as a wife she has supported and worked beside her husband a successful marketing guru. Her most important role is the where she is Mamma of six diverse kids.   Each kid has stretched, grown her and taught her many lessons in life.

Another strength of hers is as an author she is not to be missed. Her story telling compels, motivates and inspires you to go to new levels.   As a dynamic Leadership Speaker she brings her own uniqueness. A gifted communicator who engages her audiences with her strength, sheer determination as she draws on her experiences both personally and professionally. She connects with her clients by running masterminds, programs and high-end one on ones.

Important to her existence is her continued contribution to see culture change in leadership. It is easy for people to stand back and say what isn’t working but Kiri-Maree says “be a voice and be loud for a reason.”   As a direct outcome she puts on an annual event called the   A conference for Women In Leadership. A platform where women together learn the power of collaboration,

She has learnt the power of being able to make the right decisions fast.

You can contact her:

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