Michelle E. Wood

Michelle E. WoodMichelle E Wood was known as Michelle E Harvie in her first debute in “The Missing Piece – A transformational journey.”
Michelle is an International Bestselling Author/Healer/Teacher/Life Coach/Public Speaker & Owner of “Love, Harmony & Balance”.

As an Author Michelle writes & shares her experiences & tricks of the trade to enable people of ways on how to transform their life. Passing on information that she herself has found works for her, her children & her clients.

As a Healer Michelle uses her gift of intuition, her skills in the crystalline world, the Reiki world, the Shaman world, life coaching certification& communication to release stagnant energies that hold us stuck in areas of our lives. Freeing your Be-ing & catapulting you forward in your life with no fear.

As a Teacher Michelle communicates with you to new levels listening to your story in great depth & provides you with the hidden messages from your experiences, enabling you to move forward with a new perspective transforming your world.

Michelle captivates your attention as you branch into new areas of your life with new found wisdom that was always locked within your Be-ing.

As a Life Coach Michelle heals & teaches her clients (men, women & children) how to heal themselves through providing them with Life Skills&Wisdom by delving into the world of emotions & thought processes. Getting to the root of the problem emotionally & mentally, enlightening them to bring them out of the world of separation, division & negativity into a world of wholeness & positivity.

Helping them to push through their fears & bringing them into a place of light.

Teaching them how to understand that “Negative thinking brings about negative realities” & how transforming them into “Positive thinking will bring about positive realities.”

Public Speaker Michelle helps others by sharing her story of how she got from being in the depths of despair to becoming an inspirational life coach through sheer determination & learning about her very own thought processes & inner most feelings. Exploring them & taking them to the surface through going within her own Be-ing. Michelle brings an energy to her audience that is captivating, inspiring & motivational. Her stories reach out to you on such a level that they touch your hearts, minds & souls.

Michelle brought “Love, Harmony & Balance” alive through sheer determination to fulfilling her dream to heal, teach & inspire the world to heal oneself medication free as she did. Her teachings are spiritual based & your religion is welcomed no matter which you follow if any surrounded & supported by love from an open heart.

Michelle has learnt over her journey of following her destiny that she needed to be free of toxins of various formations to bring her into her “light” from removing alcohol, nicotine, relationships, deodorants, perfumes, shampoos, showergels etcetc& now resources her very own remedies from the earth we live in through meditations, visions & guidance from her higher source.
Finding all the knowledge she has comes from within her own Be-ing. All she needed to do was to love herself enough to accept all of nature’s gifts which were always her birthright.

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TELEPHONE: (+44) 7787334044

PERSONAL SKYPE NAME: Spiritualtherapist
BUSINESS SKYPE NAME: Twinflametherapists