Neneh Diallo

Neneh DialloNeneh Diallo is an author, speaker and entrepreneur. After being married for 10 years with four children and over fifteen years in strategic communications, Neneh found herself asking if she was truly living in her purpose.

Dubbed as the “Stiletto Mom,” Neneh launched a blog of the same name that would serve as a resource guide for the career mom juggling being a wife, mom and worker and wants to find herself again. That’s where Neneh found herself a few years ago and decided she was tired of looking at her reflection in the mirror and did something about it. Less than a year after giving birth to her twins Neneh completed her first triathlon. Two years later she ran her first half marathon. Rising to the challenge is what Neneh strives for. But finding her inner athlete was not enough for this Stiletto Mom. Although she liked her new physical attributes Neneh knew there was still the other part of her to deal with – her soul.

With over 15 years of experience in strategic communications and having traveled the world, Neneh decided to leave that behind and turn her attention to using her strengths as a mediator, listener and problem solver to becoming an executive coach to working mothers. Neneh’s skills as an avid listener and communicator has enabled her to touch the lives of many women seeking advice on how to navigate life-work balance.

Neneh is the founder and president of LaTigra Strategies, an executive and life coaching organization for women. Neneh is passionate about helping women get unstuck by awakening their ROAR (through Reflection we find Opportunities and set an Action plan for attainable Results.)

Neneh loves traveling, exercise, and spending quality time with her husband and kids.



Twitter: @tigrastrategies