Tonya N. Cummings

Tonya N. CummingsAt the age of 40 years-old she gave birth to her daughter. After going through her own set of challenges she discovered expectant mothers needed more individual attention besides the 15 minutes prenatal doctor’s visits. She had so many questions about her body and the transformation of pregnancy. There were negative images from other people, books, and the internet. During all of this she got lost in herself not knowing and acknowledging the power she had over this pregnancy. From this experience started TC Total Wellness. She officially started this company June 2013 and the rest is history. Tonya went on faith with that seed of an idea and each day it unfolded itself. TC Total Wellness offers Prenatal Wellness, Postpartum Wellness, and Fertility Wellness. The program teaches expectant mothers the art of journaling and document the pregnancy experience. Also, the program incorporate seven principles to general total wellness during their pregnancy. These are the core programs for expectant moms targeting 27 years-old and older women. Tonya goal is to offer expectant moms resources during unexpected complications and help them make better decisions. Most importantly teach expectant moms how to be more proactive with their pregnancy health and healthcare provider.

TC Total Wellness also offer other services such as Motherhood Blessings Ceremony and Baby Moon. The Motherhood Blessing Ceremony is a special time to celebrate and ease the expectant mother fears by performing symbolic events. This ceremony is adapted from the Native Americans tribe the Navajo, called the BlessingWay Ceremony. This ceremony is better than a traditional baby shower, because the focus is showering the expectant mother with love, support, gifts, and sisterhood. The Baby Moon offers the expectant mother and her spouse to plan a mini-vacation before the baby arrives. This time is much needed and to enjoy and relax by doing something fun like a spa day or retreat to a 5-star hotel. In the next couple of months TC Total Wellness will be offering Self-Paced Modules on Women Wellness. Tonya not only want to just teach expectant mothers but women in the postpartum and beyond.

Tonya future goals for TC Total Wellness is to create a calming sanctuary where expectant mothers can come and fellowship around other positive women. The ultimate goal is to show the world how pregnant women want to be treated, allow a woman to choose her own birthplan and empower her. A woman has the right to choose how she wants to have her baby and more importantly be treated with respect by her healthcare provider. Other goals for TC Total Wellness is to author more books, do a television show, and have an international radio show.

Tonya is a native of Chicago, IL raised by a single mother, Patsy Duff (deceased).   She comes from a tight knit family of a grandmother, uncle, and mother, which all have passed away a couple years ago. Tonya is now married to her husband David and have a 2 year-old daughter Nicole. Along with her husband and daughter, her siblings all live in the Dallas Metro Area. She is the middle child with an older brother, Keenan and younger sister, Ebony. Tonya is very family oriented and have strong Christian faith.Her total being is all because of God and for having his hand on her life. She believes in God, Family, Faith, Helping Others, and Purpose.

Tonya formal education began at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff and earned a B.S. in Nutrition. Years later she desired to continue her education on pursuing a Masters Degree. First, she earned 39 credits in the Masters Health and Wellness Program at the University of the Rockies. She did not complete the program, but will at a later date. Now she is enrolled in the MBA (E-Commerce) program at DeVry/Keller School of Management. Tonya values education and doesn’t let age deter her from completing her studies. Her grandmother, uncle, and mother valued education and stressed it in her upbringing. She was the first in her family to graduate from a university. Her grandmother was alive at the time to see this moment, her granddaughter’s educational achievement.

Tonya has worked as a Substitute Teacher and Nutritionist. She has been a Substitute Teacher for almost 10 years, working in the Chicago Public Schools and Dallas Charter Schools. Tonya worked as a Nutritionist for several WIC clinics in Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Dallas. This is where she counseled over 1,000 expectant mothers and families from different diverse background. From this work experience she saw some areas that could be more beneficial to the expectant mothers. Therefore, integrated the seven principles of TC Total Wellness of spiritual, social, mental/emotion, environment, nutrition, physical/fitness, and intellectual.

Finally, who knows what the future hold for Tonya only God knows. She is willing to accept and try new things by going out there on faith. The unknown is very scary but as long as her faith in God and a supportive family are with her, she would continue moving forward. Whatever passion that you have inside, please share it with the world, we are waiting for you. Connect yourself with a group of “positive women” because they will challenge and motivate you. If you can’t find any positive women, then Tonya will offer her service of mentoring and coaching you. Thank you for reading our book and her biography.


Tonya N. Cummings