Tryphenna C. Bastian

Tryphenna BastianTryphenna Bastian was born in Decatur, GA, the first of four children. Both her parents were ministers so she grew up with a strong connection to the church. She graduated from Southwest DeKalb High School and went on to attend Vanderbilt University where she left after her sophomore year. She moved back to Decatur, GA, and began a career in technology with a job at IBM. She left IBM after seven years, but maintained a career in the industry until now.

She has been a writer from a very young age. She has always found the process to be very healing. She wants her readers to be healed from their pain through the exposing of her own. Her love of writing spawned from an even greater love of reading. Her favorite authors and role models are diverse. From Alice Walker and Toni Morrison to Anne Rice and Janet Evanovich, she enjoys all types of genres. In addition to writing, Tryphenna also has a passion for acting. She enjoys watching movies and TV, but for the purpose of studying the craft. She has a strong love for music and uses it as an influence in her writing.

Her passion for writing is driven by her love for God and her family. She is a widowed mother of five children: Destinee Nicole, Faith Noelle, Trinity Grace, William Fredric James, and Hope Kristen.   She works full-time and is also a full-time student at SUNY Empire State College in Saratoga Springs, NY, in pursuit of her Bachelor’s degree in Business.   She is an active member of Berean Christian Church and loves to volunteer in the community.   She prays that her writing will bring about awareness and self-confidence in women. She strives to show them the importance of taking care of themselves and lifting one another to be the best women we can be.


Twitter: @Trypout


Instagram: trypout76