Ulrika Hedberg

Ulrika HedbergUlrika Hedberg lives in Luleå, North of Sweden, with her two children and boyfriend. She never liked the ordinary life of working, eating and sleeping. She packed her bags several times to work and study in different countries. learning new languages and discover different cultures and people. Trying to live the normal life she studied psychology and got an ordinary work in administration. The boredom was a fact and life choosed to wake her up.

She had her first wonderful child in 2010 that made her reevaluate her believes, normes and people in general. Her daughter had Down Syndrome. A new life took form and was all about motorical and language development, the needs and rights a child with diagnosis have but not so certain is given by agencies and healthcare. Her dedication to do everything for her child with no selfcare at all led her the straight way to burnout. The timing was of course at the same time she had her second child.

She turned the page and started to listen to the voice of her soul, being just a mom for her children and balancing herself. Ulrika quit her job and started studying her forth language, sign language. She is inspierd to work for children’s right to communicate. Since 2010 she volunteered for the Swedish National Down Syndrome Association to spread knowledge and creates family events to increase community and empower mothers. She dreams about journeys to different countries, to meet determinated mothers who believe everything is possible and together makes it a reality.

Email: hedberg.ulrika@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ulrika.hedberg.5